Obesity in pregnancy increases caesarean section by 2 to 3 fold

A recent study of over five thousand pregnant women attending the University Hospital in Galway was recently published in the American Journal of Perinatology.

It shows that in the risk of having an emergency caesarean section was increased two to three fold in obese women when compared to women who were within a normal Body Mass Index (BMI).

Of the five thousand women. Almost 50% were normal weight, 23% were overweight, almost 20% were obese, nearly 6% were morbidly obese and less than 3% were underweight.

For women of average height (5ft 4in) normal weight is regarded as 60-70kg; overweight is 70-80 kg; obese is 80-100kg and more than 100 kg is morbidly obese.

The levels of obesity among Irish pregnant women were significantly higher when compared with international statistics.

The study revealed that for women of normal weight experiencing their first pregnancy the rate of normal deliveries was 80%, but for obese women in this category the rate for normal deliveries dropped to just 55%.

Free cervical smears now available.

A long awaited government scheme has finally been implemented to provide a free cervical screening service for all women aged between 25 and 60. This is now available to patients at the Womens Health Clinic. The reporting time on these smears will be approximately 6 weeks. The express smear service will still be available to all patients who wish to receive their results within 2 weeks.

For further information please go to www.cervicalcheck.ie

Dr. Mackey reviews Periconceptual Care in General Practice

Periconceptual Care in General Practice.

Did you know that almost all cervical cancer is caused by a common virus?

There is now a vaccine available for females which can protect you against the Human Papilloma Virus. It is a course of three vaccinations over a six month period. It protects against cervical cancer and genital warts. Please ask Dr Mackey about your suitability for the vaccine at your next consultation.