Pelvic Ultrasound ServiceWe are delighted to announce the introduction of a pelvic ultrasound service at the Womens Health Clinic. This service is provided by a health care professional with 20 years of experience in the area of ultrasound and fertility. All scans are transvaginal; this feels much like a smear test; possibly a little uncomfortable but not painful. Ultrasound is a completely safe procedure and there are no known side effects. It does not involve the use of x-rays.

The following types of scans are done here at the clinic

Gynaecological scan – to investigate bleeding or pelvic pain, detect fibroids, ovarian cysts, locate a coil etc –

Cost: 110 euro

Early pregnancy scan – this is done at 7-9 weeks to confirm pregnancy and obtain an accurate due date; this is essential if you want to to avail of our non invasive prenatal testing service

Cost: 120 euro