Contraceptive Coil Fitting

How much is the coil to have fitted?

Initial consultation with swabs €70

Fitting of Coil (includes follow up at 6 weeks) €180

Cost of Coil €144 from pharmacy (under drug repayment scheme)

How do I go about getting one fitted?

Following an initial consultation, swabs are taken from the genital tract to ensure no infection is present before insertion, the patient then arranges to return for Coil insertion in the first seven days of her next menstrual cycle. Insertion is usually uncomplicated, quick and relatively painless in women who have had vaginal deliveries.

What is the Contraceptive coil?

The Ciol itself consists of a small t-shaped plastic device which is coated with progesterone.

Who is it suitable for?

It is chosen primarily by women who have completed their families who may also be experiencing heavy painful periods. However it is also suitable for women who have not had any pregnancies. Women who have had multiple caesarean sections may not be suitable for Coil insertion.

How effective is it?

It is a very effective form of contraception,with a failure rate less than the pill and tubal ligation. Fertility returns to normal immediately following removal.

How quickly does it start working and how long does it last?

The contraceptive effect can be relied on seven days following insertion. If one Coil is being replaced by another there is no loss of contraceptive effect. The coil remains effective for 5 years.

Any side effects?

The coil has very few side effects associated with it. Initially there can be some irregular bleeding, in rare cases for up to 12 weeks following insertion. Side effects related to the hormone progesterone occur very infrequently and these include mood swings, breast enlargement and acne. These are usually temporary.

What do I do if I want my Coil removed?

This is an quick and painless procedure under normal circumstances.