ultrasoundFollicle Tracking ultrasound scans

A follicle tracking ultrasound looks at the ovaries and uterus internally, using a sterile transducer, paying particular attention to the follicles within the ovaries. This technique gives couples a greater chance of achieving a much wanted pregnancy.

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harmonyNon Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT)

The Womens Health Clinic is delighted to offer their patients the Harmony test - Non Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT).This is a simple blood test which analyses cell-free fetal DNA circulating in the mother’s blood, and can be done after 10 weeks gestation.

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ultrasoundPelvic Ultrasound Service

We are delighted to announce the introduction of a pelvic ultrasound service at the Womens Health Clinic. This service is provided by a health care professional with 20 years of experience in the area of ultrasound and fertility. All scans are transvaginal; this feels much like a smear test; possibly a little uncomfortable but not painful. Ultrasound is a completely safe procedure and there are no known side effects. It does not involve the use of x-rays.

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Ovarian reserve testing (AMH)

A blood test is now available to check your ovarian reserve. This gives a good indication of your current fertility level and is also an important part of your fertility investigations if you are experiencing a delay in conceiving.

New Fertility Service

The Womens Health Clinic is delighted to announce the introduction of an ovulation induction service for women experiencing difficulty in conceiving. Clomid (clomiphene citrate) will be prescribed in association with follicle tracking by ultrasound.

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Did you know that almost all cervical cancer is caused by a common virus?

There is now a vaccine available for females which can protect you against the Human Papilloma Virus. The vaccine is called Gardasil and is a course of three vaccinations over a six month period. It protects against cervical cancer and genital warts. Please ask Dr Mackey about your suitability for the vaccine at your next consultation.

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 "Did you know that all women over 25 are    now entitled to a free smear?"

A government scheme provides free cervical smears for all women aged between 25 and 60. This is available to patients at the Womens Health Clinic. The express smear service will still be available to all patients who wish to receive their results within 2 weeks.

For further information please go to www.cervicalcheck.ie

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Do you want to have a Mirena Coil fitted?

Mirena coils offer long term contraception and control of heavy periods. They are suitable for most women and provide easy and convenient contraception. They are fitted here at the clinic by our gynaecologist, Dr. Rachel Mackey

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Do you think you are experiencing menopausal symptoms?

Are you concerned about your risk of developing osteoporosis?

Visit the Womens Health Clinic for a full menopausal consultation where a comprehensive overview of all aspects of the menopause is covered.

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Womens Health Clinic provides emergency contraception services

The Womens Health Clinic provides emergency contraception within 72 hours of unprotected sex. Immediate appointments are guaranteed for patients who inform us that they require the morning after pill.

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Are you pregnant?

Why not sign up with the Womens Health Clinic for free antenatal care, in conjunction with your hospital of choice. Your antenatal visits with us will be prompt and efficient. Your post natal care and baby’s vaccinations are also free of charge.

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Out of Hours Doctor Service

Out of Hours Service (Telephone 6639869)

Dr. Mackey is a member of the DLDOC out of hours service which is run from the outpatient department in St Michaels Hospital, Dun Laoghaire. This is a service provided by a co-operative of local General Practitioners. This is an appointment system which greatly reduces waiting time for patients as well as avoiding A&E departments. The fee is €70. Details regarding the out of hours consultation are faxed directly to the Womens Health Clinic the same day to allow for continuity of care.

DLDOC opening times
Monday – Friday 6pm-10pm
Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays 10am-6pm

Opening Hours

Monday: 9am-8pm
Tuesday: 9am-5pm
Wednesday: 9am-5pm
Thursday: 9am-8pm
Friday: 9am-5pm

Clinic News

We are delighted to announce that Dr Suzanne Kelleher consultant paediatrician has recently started at the Womens Health Clinic.


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